Women's Virtual Self Defense Class

Women's Virtual Self Defense Class
From USD $49.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Product code: P19A0X

Trip Capacity: 30 Explorer Chicks 

When you think about hiking alone in the wilderness what is the first feeling that comes to your mind? Fear? Anxiety? Uneasiness? Vulnerability? Well, it’s time to squash those feelings and trade up to a feeling of EMPOWERMENT during our Virtual Outdoor Self Defense Class! 

Trust us - you will get hooked on the feeling of being completely free and self-sufficient in the woods… but how are you going to acquire this new found freedom and mental prowess you might ask? By signing up for Explorer Chick's new virtual self defense class!

We are teaming up with self-defense expert, Nicole Snell, to offer a 90 minute virtual self defense class covering effective strategies to manage your personal safety outdoors. It will give you the knowledge & confidence to head out on your first solo hiking adventure. While mitigating all those previous anxieties you may have had being a woman… alone in the woods. 

Yes, I’m Hiking Solo

In 90 minutes you will acquire new skills regarding awareness, intuition, body language, boundary setting, verbal strategies, and physical skills. Yes that’s right get ready to put your new moves to the test from the comfort of your living room! This interactive, dynamic workshop will leave you feeling more confident to manage safety concerns whether alone or traveling in a group. 

Expert Led Q&A Session

Nicole is an experienced solo traveler (25 countries & 6 continents), self-defense expert, and CEO of Girls Fight Back. Which is a personal safety & self defense seminar designed for women and girls! She will be available in person to answer ANY questions you may have about venturing out into the outdoor world for the first time!

Practice, Practice, Practice

This workshop is interactive as you’ll put your new skills to the test. Have plenty of space to test drive your outdoor self defense maneuvers. Get ready to use your voice as you learn empowering vocal strategies. Therefore give a heads up to anyone in the house and let them know you are embarking on a new physical journey. And they shouldn’t get in the way of your powerful practice session! (we promise no partners, pets, or children will be injured during this workshop)

What's Included: 

  • 90 minute virtual experience with your own Expert Guide.
  • One hour learning session with a dedicated 30 minute Q&A session.
  • Small group experience limited to 30 women.


Your Virtual Self Defense Workshop will be hosted on Zoom. Please be sure to download the app or install on your computer ahead of time.

You’ll receive the meeting link ahead of your workshop from Explorer Chick.

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Anywhere in the world with a Wifi connection.

Workshop Times are in EST (Eastern Time Zone).