Rock Climbing near Dallas

Rock Climbing near Dallas
From USD $199.00
  • Duration: 5 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Graham, Tx
  • Product code: PLXDXH

Trip Capacity: 10 Explorer Chicks 

Anyone else at the tipping point and ready for a mental-health break? ?‍♀️ Before you reach for that second (girl, we know it's really #3) glass of wine—ever think about rock climbing as a stress-release? Wait, hear us out! Rock climbing is a great way to reduce stress and it helps put the "fun" back in your brain function. With picturesque views and challenges that come with getting there, you'll lose yourself in the flow of the climb and gain clarity. This top rope climbing near Dallas Mini Adventure is beginner-friendly! No experience is needed and all equipment is provided. Just show up with that #bold Explorer Chick drive and take yourself to new heights! Let us take care of the rest. ??‍♀️

Top Rope Climbing near Dallas

Our top rope climbing full-day trip near Dallas begins at Paradise on the Brazos, a beautiful area located on a bend of the Brazos River in North Texas. Your guides will provide all gear needed, including:

  • Climbing shoes
  • Climbing harness
  • Helmet
  • Necessary belay and rappelling devices and carabiners

As they are setting up the ropes for the day, a safety and instructional briefing will take place. In addition to learning how to top rope climb, your instructors also provide guidance on the following throughout the day:

  • Tying climbing knots
  • Climbing commands and movements
  • Belaying
BYO Lunch and Snacks

This is a full-day event. Meals are not provided, so please plan food accordingly. Bring a sack lunch and snacks to keep you fueled and ready adventure! Need a few snack ideas? Here are some great trail mixes that require zero time in the oven (bonus!):

Peanut Butter Galore Mix: Combine peanuts, banana chips, flax seeds, dark chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and pretzel sticks.

Berry Trail Mix: Combine berry-flavored cereal (such as Blueberry Chex™ or Berry Berry Kix™), yogurt-covered mini pretzels, freeze-dried strawberry slices, whole natural almonds, and dark chocolate chips.

Tropical Mix: Combine macadamia nuts, banana chips, dried mango or pineapple, and coconut chips.

What's Included: 

  • All equipment provided.
    • Climbing shoes.
    • Climbing harness.
    • Helmets.
    • Necessary belay and rappelling devices and carabiners.
  • Instruction - No experience necessary!
  • Park entrance fee included.

*Packages do NOT include your airfare, airport transportation, additional alcoholic beverages, or costs for additional activities.

*Packages do not include Tips for your Guides. For optional activities 10-20%. We strongly encourage you to recognize your Guides personally for their hard work and keeping you safe.

*Explorer Chick reserves the option to modify trip itineraries at the discretion of your tour director as necessary due to weather, conditions, illness, injury, group dynamics, or other unforeseen incidents.


  • Check-in Time: 30 minutes prior.
  • Event Duration: 5 hours (may depending on group dynamics)
  • Women-Only, 21+.
  • No Restrooms on site.
  • Climbing harness max waist size 50 inches.
  • No weight restrictions.


  • Your Order Confirmation will include a link to the Explorer Chick Smart Waiver. Please take a minute to sign online.
  • Highpoint Expeditions require their waiver to be filled out a minimum of 48hrs prior to the trip.
  • You will have an additional waiver to sign upon arrival for the private property we will climbing be on.


  • XGXR+7J Graham, Texas
  • Your Climbing Guide will contact you the day prior by email introducing themself, also including a picture, phone number, email, and make/model of their vehicle.

Weather Cancellation Protocols

  • This event will take place in most weather conditions. However, if safety becomes an issue, you will be notified by email and reschedule the evening prior by 8 pm. 

Nearest accommodations:

  • The nearest towns are Graham, Tx, and Mineral Wells, Tx.

Private Property Photo Policy

  • We will be climbing on PRIVATE PROPERTY and documentation of the landmarks in the area are not allowed to be posted on social media.

Covid-19 Protocols & Policies

  • Masks are mandatory for all participants and guides. Masks must cover both the mouth and nose at all
    times. Buffs, scarves, and any other non-medical grade or no cotton material masks are prohibited.
    Social distancing will be enforced as much as possible. Biting the rope will not be allowed and sanitizing
    of hands will be required between the use of equipment.